5 Pointz Yo

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The 5 Pointz building will be destroyed soon.  Tear.





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DSC_9445 copy

Bitches Love Nick Danger

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He’s funny, a great musician and has perfect hair…forever.



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‘Kids got skills.  Joey Bada$$



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it’s been a while.  I’m starting to love my camera again.

This is Tech N9ne.  I hung out with him.  He was way cooler than I thought.



Freshly Rocked

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Rockie Fresh came to Milwaukee the other day.  I took a few shots at the M.A.C. and UWM.  I think he’s starting to get sick of all the cameras already.  I don’t blame him. You can see the interview here. DSC_0004bw

rockie fresh


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I’ve been slacking…lifes been hard. 

This is Tyler the Creator.

This is Tylers’ audience.


So Gone

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I met Black Milk in Chicago.  He’s one of my top ten artists of all time.  It’s always nice to meet people you admire.  It makes them much more human.


Lark in my Go-kart

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I saw Asher Roth perform over the last weekend.  I got a few good shots on stage.  He’s much shorter than I thought.




Go ahead young’n

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These are photos from OCD: Moosh and Twist’s recent show at the Rave in Milwaukee.  I did a short video interview with them too, which I have provided below.  I know you’re waiting for a joke.  I don’t have one today.  My head hurts from hiking through this stupid snow.
Twist  TWIST



Hands on the Wheel…

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This was taken at the Ill Mil headquarters during a video interview I did with the owner, Nick. He has a great work ethic and the product that comes out of that place is nothing less than stellar (i love that word).
Ill Mil

This is Brandy. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

Here’s radio personality, Marcus Doucette, at one of our infamous porch parties last summer. I recently stumbled upon it while going through and erasing memory cards. You should do that sometimes. There’s nothing better than an empty memory card…except maybe booze.